Abandoned Dog And Paralyzed Cat Survived Because They Had Each Other

3 years ago, a dog and cat were found huddled together at the end of a driveway in a rural area of Florida. The cat was paralyzed, and the dog was covered in ants from standing guard over her, trying to protect her.

2 Easy Ways To Test For Dementia

Dementia is a common, very debilitating disease, and it can sometimes be difficult to diagnose.

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10 Warning Signs Of Prostate Cancer

There's a 1 in 3 chance of developing prostate cancer during a man's lifetime. In fact, prostate cancer is the second most deadly cancer for men in America.

10 Signs Your Cat Might Be Stressed

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Dexter Fowler Re-Signs with Cubs: Latest Contract Details, Comments, Reaction

It appears Dexter Fowler had a last-second change of heart, opting to re-sign with the Chicago Cubs for at least one more season.

10 Warning Signs Of Lymphoma

Doctors say that the warning signs of lymphoma are often very subtle - so subtle that the most common symptoms are made up of health ailments that could very well be shrugged off as minor.

3 Ways To Eliminate Bad Smells In The Kitchen

Cooking can cause pungent smells to be distributed throughout your house. The act of heating food ingredients produces odors, some of which are unpleasant. So it is hard to avoid bad smells altogether.